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I sometimes get the urge to write songs and so I jot down some words and improvise on guitar to see where it goes. Sometimes I get a groove that works and sometimes I don’t. Often times I forget the write the music and set it aside and then forget how I exactly played it. Lesson learned –always write the music when you do this.

I don’t have a lot of originals but then writing a good song is a lot harder then one might think –at least in my opinion. I guess we have to hurt or be fired up about something really bad to get the words and sometimes the words just want to evade us.

I’ve written a song in an hour with music and it’s also taken me a few days to get a song written and to music. Some here have the music and other’s don’t because I never wrote it down.

As for cover songs I like –it runs the gamut. I tend to put my own face on many cover songs because that is the only way I can play them well which is admittedly not kosher with some folks. But for me being, an artist rather than a copyist is just what the difference is between and artist and everyone else. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but that is the joy of music and how to learn it best in my opinion.

You do what you do best. That is what I respect whether it is a good cover artists or someone like myself that adapts a song to my style and way of understanding it. Some are good at both and others at one or the other.

split heart on clothes line
Another Love Song
Ted Manolatos (BFT) ©2017 D       Dsus4      D        Dsus4  (X2)     D       Dsus4      D        Dsus4       D       Dsus4      D          C         Asus2          D          Dsus2        ...
bar stool
One Shot Fool
Ted Manolatos Chorus: E             A7          A          E       A7      A      E You Got Your One Shot Fool On A Stool E             A7         A          E       A7      A  ...
Little Dreams
Chorus:                           A                      A                E So many little lies, So many questions why                         G                     ...
abused woman
CHORUS She spoke of a man who loved her He woke up one morning and she was gone The journey to pass was neither right or wrong ———————— Some people pass judgements and some people cry foul But the best of friends you can have is what you can hold around Nobody said the world had to be perfect and nobody lives without sin they ...
hammer with bloody broken heart
What I Loved
CHORUS  What I loved I thought was eternal and free  What I Loved I never thought could wash away like a river of fate  What I Loved I never knew would just be a matter of another heartache  ____________________________ You came into my life like a troubled star shining in darkness I came into your life, a troubled man with a crutch to bear – ...
sad looking man
The Best For You
Chorus   A7sus4       AM             C           A7sus4       AM      C         F Why does a broken heart never mend, but there’s always comes and  end            A7sus4                          C   ...