Sober Notes: New Album

Sober Notes will be BFT’s second most recent album when it is completed sometime in 2018. “I wanted to take what I learned from ‘Electrified’ and build upon it both in music and music production as well as original writing and create a new set of music unlike anything I’ve done  before,” BFT said.

Sober Notes was originally going to be mostly original music with a few select covers thrown in but once again realities of music have changed the direction of the album again. “I really wanted this album to be almost all original but as I get into trying to accomplish that, I realize I am just not quite there to do an album like that yet,” says BFT.

BFT said he hopes to try to include some of his latest best originals while doing some of his favorite covers in a much better way than the past. He said he wants to focus a lot of effort on both music and sound production to make the album as good as it gets for limited resources and ever expanding knowledge and learning he engages in during the process.

“I want Sober Notes to be better than ‘Electrified’ and my best to date. I also want it to be an enjoyable album even if it only includes a few of my originals. I had originally planned to make this album this way and then changed my mind and wanted to try to make it mostly original but then reality set in and I have had to go back to my original plan,” says BFT.

Because of the change in direction of the album, expect it to come out a little later than originally planned. Hopefully, it will be done by early summer 2018 if not sooner.