Sober Notes Coming Along

BFT has finally got back to the studio to work on his latest album project “Sober Notes” which he hopes to release in the spring of 2018. The album will feature some all new songs as well as new originals and a few oldies but goodies, BFT said. He said the extreme weather and some personal issues have slowed his progress but things are finally looking up again.

“I’ve just had a lot of unresolved things going on in recent months and then my studio has very little heat so the extreme weather has made it impossible to work on anything much less music,” BFT says. He says he hopes to get back in the groove as spring approaches and get the project moving quickly again. “I may release this album a little later than I wanted to but it will be done before the summer.”

BFT said he has enjoyed learning some new material for the first time that he has discovered. He added that the process of writing new original songs and composing them for music has been aggravating at times but rewarding once things come together. “I love to write new songs but it is such a cumbersome process at times. I tend to miss the golden rule a lot –keep it simple, and it sets me back. Keeping the music and words simple has proven to be the best way to do things,” BFT said.

BFT said he is trying to keep the album somewhat simple instead of venturing into complex work he’s not that great at yet. “Each of my albums since ‘Electrified’ itself, will have a certain set of goals to achieve with music. Electrified’s goal was to simply return to music. Sober Notes goals are to achieve better music production and mixing skills as well as write more new originals and work towards playing better and learn some new material. I am not sure what is next after this project,” BFT said.