New Studio Music Videos

BFT has added a bunch of new studio music videos recently for entertainment purposes. These are all outtakes of his old favorites right off the cuff in the studio. He tried to make the videos interesting as possible instead of the usual he’s done in the past. None of the mixes are perfect or particularly great but that was not the purpose of this mini-project.

“I just wanted to get some more creative videos out there and have a little fun with it,” BFT says. He said he also wanted to use the opportunity to learn more in video editing as that is also one of his creative interests these days. “I am just loving the video and audio stuff I am learning and doing these days. It feels good to have the tools to do something different and pretty good considering the past,” BFT said.

BFT says he is looking forward to doing more music videos and maybe spending some special time to do a really good music video on a higher level. “It just takes so much time to dabble in music, audio editing and mixing and then video on top of it. It takes a lot of time to setup as well and I have less than stellar facilities to do what I am doing so I am limited in many ways by that fact,” BFT said.

Check back from time to time as more videos are added to the site. You can also find the videos on BFT’s YouTube site under Ted Manolatos when you search it. There, you’ll find everything that appears on the site and maybe then some.