New Original: White Lily

BFT has written an all new original song about an old friend he met way back in college. This person always touched BFT in some profound way. He is not sure why but he never could find words until recently to write a song about her. Her name was Susannah which means “White Lily.”

“I just loved something about Susannah the moment I met her back in 1995 (I think it was) before class one fateful day. We sort of got a little closer but it was a mixed-up kind of thing. On the one hand, at the time I had a romantic flare for her and then as time wore on and I let go of that notion, I found myself still feeling something special for her,” BFT said.

BFT said that he and Susannah never did find a chance to get to know each other really well. He said that an awkward moment he created with her one day not long after they met, changed everything. “I just (as they say) fucked up. We never recovered from that mistake. Susannah seemed to feel like I wanted more than she could give and neither of us communicated about that very well so I let her go but never forgot her.”

“Susannah will always be someone I cherish in a way despite our short-lived dance as friends. We never parted on ugly terms. It was just that we could not seem to fix what I broke and I guess she was never comfortable opening up to me after that. I will always kick myself for that but then I’ve done a lot of stupid things in relationships over the years –this will be one of the hardest ones to live with,” BFT says.

BFT said he had always wanted to write Susannah a song but that was long before he ventured into learning music and recording. Once he was doing music, he could never seem to find the words to capture the feelings that always were there in the back of his mind and heart. “Some people just leave you speechless for a very long time I guess –Susannah was one of them. I hope the song speaks justice to her and the love I felt in my heart for her. Maybe someday I’ll write something better but this is it for now,” BFT said. Susannah was such a bright light and such a gem and just a wonderful warm soul to me.

“White Lily” (The Song)