New Original Songs

BFT has recently written a few new original songs which are in various stages of completion. The songs are inspired by various experiences over the last few months and in general in his life as it is. These songs represent BFT’s unique style and voice and are meant to try to reach a universal plain of feeling and thought. They are not meant to disparage anyone or otherwise misrepresent any situation or person. They are purely creative work derived from unique experiences that invoke this or that emotionally or thoughtfully.

“When I write songs, it is always about some personal experience or another. Some of those experiences are good, some bad and some just a little mixed up in one way or another. I try very hard to speak in universal terms but sometimes that is lost in the personal nature of a given song,” BFT said.

BFT said his recent songs are all works in progress as he is limited in many ways musically and it is hard at times to find a good sound or progression of music that works well. “I wish I were more well versed with music and guitar but I work from a state of constant learning and trial and error many times,” BFT confided.

He said he hopes people can find something meaningful and touching with his original work. “I just want to express my perspective in universal terms as much as I can. I guess I am not exactly the most conventional or universal guy so sometimes that is lost but then music is what it is -ultimately a very personal thing,” BFT says.

BFT said his new album planned for some time in 2018 will comprise both some original work and some cover work. “I was going to try to make this album mostly original but as I get into that process, I am not so sure I can pull it off so I will throw a few of what I think are my best originals in with some new cover work,” he says.