New Original: One Shot Fool

BFT has cranked out yet another all new original song called “One Shot Fool” which speaks to a relationship that has died a rather brutal death at the hands of vindictiveness.

“This song has to be the first song I wrote and composed music to and recorded a working copy for in less than three hours if that much,” BFT said. He said he didn’t really like to write it the way he did but he had to speak to what he felt.

“It was a hard song to write in the sense that it was so sad for me yet so true. I was not trying to be spiteful but rather just tell the heart felt story from my perspective,” BFT said. He said he was sitting in a Wawa parking lot listening to Fleetwood Mac’s “Monday Morning” when the lyrics hit him. He jotted down the rough copy as he sat and drank coffee and smoked a cigarette.

“I guess it is funny how a song just hits you like this one did. I had been stewing over the chorus in my mind for days and wasn’t sure where the song would go or what it would be and then ‘bam’ it just hit me,” BFT confided. BFT said it is “sort of an obscure Waylon Jennings style song.”

“The song is about someone I loved very much for a long time who has changed and who has resorted to what I thought to be a rather new low in an attempt to hurt me and get revenge. The funny thing is, a part of me still loves this person and still cares but you might miss that on the surface of the lyrics to this song,” BFT said.

BFT said he hopes to put the new original on his upcoming mostly all original album “Sober Notes” along with the many others he has recently written and more to come. He said he changed his mind about the album and decided to make it mostly original because it was time to go to the next level musically. “I was just recently inspired to take the leap into making my own work which is something I always wanted to do anyway,” BFT said.

One Shot Fool Outtake