New Original “Baby Let’s Go”

BFT is proud to announce another all new original written rather quickly on the fly for a female acquaintance he met not too long ago at a local quick mart. The song features the old Willie Nelson maxim of three chords and some words. It is simple but graceful.

“I just wanted to create a song one morning and so I got up and I wrote this song in about an hour or so. It is not really a love song or a romantic song so much as just a song. I am not sure how to generalize it. I wanted to keep it simple and make it fast. I had told the woman the night before I’d do it.”

BFT said he and his new friend were discussing the horrid state of love in their lives and that is how the song was born. He mentioned his recent debacle with Hannah (whom he’s written a few songs about too) and soon enough she wanted her own song. “I kind of did this jokingly, making the promise to do her a song and record it and put it on video. I had no idea what the hell I was going to write or do at the moment,” BFT says.

After such a deep sense of loss with all that happened with Hannah, it was nice to have a little fun again, BFT said. He said he didn’t want to get so mixed up with it like he did in the past with some of the stuff he wrote to do for Hannah. “I wanted this song to be as simple and easy to play as possible but that sounded nicely. I want to put it on the new album Sober Notes alongside the other new originals, “BFT said.

“It was just a pleasure to sit up at 6AM in the morning and conger up a song and work it out on guitar so quickly. I wasn’t sure I could pull it off after such a task it was with the Hannah songs before. I think maybe this woman will actually appreciate what I did too unlike Hannah seemed to with what I did for her. That makes all the difference too,” says BFT.

Look for a recording of the song very soon and a video performance. A final mix may take a little longer but it shouldn’t be too long says BFT.

Baby Let’s Go [Lyrics & Music]