New Original: Another Love Song

“Another Love Song” is the latest new original BFT has worked out for the upcoming album “Sober Notes.” The song is essentially about one night stand of sorts but not in the literal sense of the meaning. It is about liking someone a lot who opened up a lot of feelings and thoughts and having it digress into something it was not intended to become or be.

“It was hard to write this song because it is a song about getting lost in a dream and then unsuccessfully trying to follow through on that dream. It is about the want for something that wasn’t so to speak,” BFT said.

He said the song was based in the reality that sometimes what you feel and think is not what is real and can never be real. It is a song about how things can often get misunderstood and take on a life of their own. “I guess I keep this song in the hopper of my originals because it speaks to a moment well but it is a tough one to keep because it is a tough reminder that what you see is not always what is there or what you want is not always what you’ll find or be capable of having or getting,” says BFT

The song is still a bit of a work in progress musically but it is close to where it should be, says BFT. He said he likes the song but is not sure many would quite understand it the way it is really meant to be verses the way it is written and sounds.

“Sometimes I have a bad habit of being subtle or playing on words and themes when I write to tell a story and people only see the surface of that rather than the underlying truth of that. An example of that is the line ‘all I can do is make love to you in my mind’s eye’ which on the surface may mean something totally different that what is meant to be said. It is meant more to say, loving someone or making love in the heart for someone in one’s mind and thoughts not necessarily in the sexual sense commonly held. I am not sure why it came out that way but it sounded good so I kept it worded that way, BFT said.