Electrified Done!

BFT has finished work on this first album in five years, “Electrified.” The project began initially as manner to refresh his practice with guitar and get back into music but evolved into a 25 song set of old favorites and some original remakes that cover a lot of musical ground. “I put all I had into making this album the best it could be from playing to the mixing as well as promotion,” BFT says. He said he decided to release the set of songs as a CD plus length set after so many were coming out better than expected and the mixing process was going so well.

The album is available on his website for download as Mp3 as well higher resolution wav files available on his Band Camp site. He will also release the set on USB key and or SD card along with a promotional packet. It will include both the MP’3 as well as the Wav files and a few video snippets including a music video.

“When I started getting back into music practice way back in May before I even had my studio all together, I never did dream that I would be doing a new CD set so soon,” BFT said. “It has been a rewarding process although there have been lots of little aggravations that come with any music project especially when you are making a CD and mixing your own work,” he said.

BFT says he spent many of 12 hour days and nights in the studio fine tuning  the work that appears on Electrified. “I hope it is my best so far, that is all I can say at this point. I can’t wait to share it and see if I am indeed right –that I have made a lot of progress I wanted to make with music and mixing this time around after such a long time off music.”