Big Fat Teddy Is Now BFT!

Big Fat Teddy has been Ted’s stage name for a long time since he first got into music and created his first website to showcase his work. But now, Ted has decided to simply go by a three letter acronym that was planted in his ear years ago that better suits his desired “brand image.” That is of course “BFT,” so from now on, Big Fat Teddy will be known as BFT and his website address will now be “” to better reflect his arts today.

Along with the rebranding of Big Fat Teddy comes a few tweaks to the main music website. There are no major changes, just some fine tuning. You’ll notice a more graphic oriented touch and in the coming weeks, a few more features to enhance the site.

“I am not going to redesign the entire site again. I like it the way it is but I just wanted a little more color and graphic touch so I decided to make some small changes to achieve that goal,” BFT said. He said he wishes to try to slowly begin adding some new features to make the site more engaging for visitors but the process will be measured and happen only little by little.

BFT said he wanted to get away from the “Big Fat Teddy” name because it was a bit “clunky” and emphasized a little too much “Fat” among other things. “I am not exactly with a great figure but I don’t want to be thought of as just a fat guy with a guitar either. I don’t like the ‘Teddy’ part either because it sounds too childish and just not quite serious,” BFT said. He said he wanted a shorter name also for marketing purposes in the future and a shorter URL that is easier to remember as well as type on mobile devices.

“I think people will respond to the BFT branding much better than the old branding. I have plenty of work in marketing from my college days and one thing that is clear about branding, the simpler the better and the more memorable the better. BFT is easy to type and remember and graphically works better in print and digital mediums too as far as logos or the like go. I credit one of my (not departed) best friend’s sister for first coining the phrase ‘BFT’ to me years ago when I first shared some music with her. It just stuck with me well and I am not sure why I didn’t first think of it myself back when I started into music,” BFT said.