All New Mixes For Sober Notes

BFT proudly announces all new mixes for his upcoming album “Sober Notes” to be released in the spring.

BFT said “I’ve gone back and learned a lot of things in mixing and sound production. I’ve also invested in some new tools to help with the process including a great find –an acoustic Fender guitar to do some new acoustic tracks. The result has been amazing.”

BFT says he has remixed almost everything and also picked up some new songs and mixed them a million times better than in the past. “I want this new album to be my best ever to date. It has been an aggravating and time-consuming process but the ‘hell’ as I put it, is beginning to pay off.”

“I am going to do some more originals and maybe retrack vocals on one original I remixed. I also hope to pick up some more new songs to add. This album will be mostly new material for me with just a few old tunes I’ve redone. It will be a mix of both electric and acoustic music,” BFT said.

Look for Sober Notes to be released in digital form like “Electrified” sometime in the spring, hopefully early. It will be available for download on BFT’s main site as MP3 or as high resolution at

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