Me & Dreams

By Ted Manolatos (BFT) CHORUS Dreams of you come to me, baby, I want them to be Don’t know why, can’t stop them even if I try Baby I can still feel the pounding heart inside of me Baby you are just among the ghosts,…

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New Album In The Works

BFT has announced that after careful thought and consideration, he is prepared to release his third album to date since he has returned to music in 2017. The album will be titled “Forward” and feature both new songs and some remakes as well as some…

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Virtually Live Coming Soon

The completion of “Sober Notes” recently has inspired BFT to begin the process of preparing to play live sometime in the new year (2019). As part of the journey to get a feel for playing in the live environment and get the feel for playing…

sober notes cover

Sober Notes Completed

BFT has finally completed his second new album after his five year hiatus from music. The album dubbed “Sober Notes” features better mixing techniques, some new material and all new originals. It was a year in the making. “I wanted to learn from my mistakes…

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The Learning Curves Payoff

Making music and then dabbling in the production of that music can be a daunting and aggravating process that consumes hours of time. BFT has spent the last several months making the journey across the bridge between learning to play music and produce the music…

Big Fat Teddy Is Now BFT!

Big Fat Teddy has been Ted’s stage name for a long time since he first got into music and created his first website to showcase his work. But now, Ted has decided to simply go by a three letter acronym that was planted in his…


BFT is the music stage name for Ted Manolatos. BFT as he calls himself started with a joke when someone related to the fried chicken chain KFC. BFT is an aspiring music artist who has been involved in music since 2005 when a close friend introduced him to his first acoustic guitar. BFT features acoustic rock as well as classic country and alt-country. He has since ventured into electric music in addition to acoustic guitar.

BFT has a wide and eclectic musical influences ranging from the blues to folk to classic rock and outlaw country and alt-country. He digs classical music too. Music was always in his soul from a young age. He likes to keep and open mind with it. Richmond, Virginia is where BFT calls home. He’s lived here since 1980 .

Ted likes to put his own face on the music he does. Sometimes it works, sometimes not but he feels the energy of an aspiring artist. BFT also enjoys writing, graphics and technology as well as sound production and photography when he’s not doing music. He writes and performs originals from time to time as well.

Latest Music

Forward 2019

Forward will be released sometime in 2019. The new album will feature both new material and some remakes as well as some new originals. Please check back from time to time to see updated mixes. Anything with an asterisk beside it means it's a work in progress.

Sober Notes 2018

sober notes album cover

Sober Notes is BFT's latest album released in July 2018. It is unofficially dedicated to "Hannah C." It features a gamut of musical interests of BFT. It also features BFT's efforts to improve mixing his music. Enjoy and download the album if you like. It is available in Flac format in a zip file.

Download Entire Album In FLAC Format

Electrified 2017

Download Full Album (MP3 -320bps) [249MB]

Acoustic Years

These are songs I recorded and mixed some years ago when I first started. They are not perfect but represent the best of what I have from that time.

Download Full Album [MP3 -320bps 420MB]

Virtually Live DVD Length Set 2018
Virtually Live is a DVD length set of music favorites performed by BFT. The set is intended as a practice for playing live eventually.
Enjoy the videos.The first video is BFT's first DYI music video featuring Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt."

Music Videos

These are some of my music videos as I make them from time to time. You'll find a playlist here. Click top left corner to see playlist.

BFT walking under train tressle by tobacco row RVA
bft in manchester rva by old warehouse turned into apartments