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New Original: Another Love Song

“Another Love Song” is the latest new original BFT has worked out for the upcoming album “Sober Notes.” The song is essentially about one night stand of sorts but not in the literal sense of the meaning. It is about liking someone a lot who…

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Sober Notes: New Album

Sober Notes will be BFT’s second most recent album when it is completed sometime in 2018. “I wanted to take what I learned from ‘Electrified’ and build upon it both in music and music production as well as original writing and create a new set…

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New Original Songs

BFT has recently written a few new original songs which are in various stages of completion. The songs are inspired by various experiences over the last few months and in general in his life as it is. These songs represent BFT’s unique style and voice…

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New Original: One Shot Fool

BFT has cranked out yet another all new original song called “One Shot Fool” which speaks to a relationship that has died a rather brutal death at the hands of vindictiveness. “This song has to be the first song I wrote and composed music to…

Big Fat Teddy Is Now BFT!

Big Fat Teddy has been Ted’s stage name for a long time since he first got into music and created his first website to showcase his work. But now, Ted has decided to simply go by a three letter acronym that was planted in his…

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Electrified Done!

BFT has finished work on this first album in five years, “Electrified.” The project began initially as manner to refresh his practice with guitar and get back into music but evolved into a 25 song set of old favorites and some original remakes that cover…

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New Studio Music Videos

BFT has added a bunch of new studio music videos recently for entertainment purposes. These are all outtakes of his old favorites right off the cuff in the studio. He tried to make the videos interesting as possible instead of the usual he’s done in…


BFT is the music stage name for Ted Manolatos. BFT as he calls himself started with a joke when someone related to the fried chicken chain KFC. BFT is an aspiring music artist who has been involved in music since 2005 when a close friend introduced him to his first acoustic guitar. He has since taken a new direction venturing into electric music using what he’s learned and learning more with the wide array of possibilities his electric guitar presents.

BFT has a wide and eclectic musical influences ranging from the blues to folk to classic rock and outlaw country and alt-country. He digs classical music too. Music was always in his soul from a young age. He likes to keep and open mind with it. Richmond, Virginia is where BFT calls home. He’s lived here since 1980 .

Ted likes to put his own face on the music he does. Sometimes it works, sometimes not but he feels the energy of an aspiring artist. BFT also enjoys writing, graphics and technology as well as sound production and photography when he’s not doing music. He writes and performs originals from time to time as well.

Latest Music

Sober Note Sessions

Here you will find songs that may make the final cut for my upcoming album "Sober Notes." These mixes are not necessarily the final mixes or versions but they are close enough to include in this section so you can see what I am working on for the album.

The mixes are likely to change and evolve so check back from time to time to see what has changed. Recent changes are noted with "*" or asterisk.


  • Another Love Song (12/10/17)
  • One Shot Fool (12/10/17)

Electrified 2017

Acoustic Years

These are songs I recorded and mixed during my time with the acoustic guitar as my sole instrument. They are not perfect (as always) but represent the best of what I have from those years.

Download Complete Acoustic Years Set (208MB)

Misc. Studio Sessions

The mixes here are just music I do for fun in the studio when I am bored or not quite in the mood to focus on my album work. I don't spend as much time mixing these or trying to achieve perfection so keep that in mind.

If something actually turns out really well here, I might move it somewhere else but for now these are just practice music and mixes.

Music Videos

These are some of my music videos as I make them from time to time. You'll find a playlist here. Click top left corner to see playlist.

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